Being the center of Android, the Play Store is the place where users turn whenever they need to look for alternatives or news. This location is unique and can be confusing if searches are not controlled.

The simplest way is to periodically remove the entries that accumulate in the Play Store search area. This is a simple process and today we are going to show you how to do it on an Android smartphone.

play store android searches entries clear

Manage Play Store searches

Like any Google search, the entries that are written are saved and presented to the user. This way the user can recycle those searches later and find what he needs again.

It is certain that over time these entries accumulate and may even have a negative effect on the use of the search. Thus, it is important to periodically delete the entries there, to make the use of the Play Store and Android easier.

It is simple to clear the entries made

Then open the app from the Google app store, so you have access to the settings. In the Play Store menu, found in the upper left corner, you will find the entry Settings, which you must open to continue with this process.

Inside, and right on the first Play Store Settings screen, you should find the entry Clear local search history. Just click on this point to delete the entries made. No confirmation request will be presented to the user.

The difference is obvious and clearly visible on Android

When they return to the Play Store search, they will immediately find the difference visible. All entries have been removed and everything is easier to use. Remember that all subsequent entries will be registered and visible.

This is a step that you can repeat periodically, so that you have a clean search and without unnecessary records. Like all other Android surveys, these can be controlled managed in a simple user way.

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