We are just a few days away from hearing about Samsung’s news. The brand has had the Galaxy S21 fully revealed on the Internet, showing all the details that this smartphone will bring, from its photographic capacity to details of extras.

New information that escaped to the Internet has now revealed the price that the 3 models of the Galaxy S21 will have. Prices are high, but they are within the range to which the tops of the range have become accustomed to being marketed.

Galaxy S21 Samsung smartphone price

Every year we have seen the prices of high-end smartphones go up. There is always a debate as to whether these prices are really necessary, but the truth is that brands continue to guarantee high sales figures, proving their idea.

Galaxy S21 prices revealed

The most recent information associated with the Galaxy S21 showed the prices that Samsung will charge in Europe. They came from a Swiss operator, but show an idea of ​​what will be practiced in the European market, with normal adaptations and adjustments.

The Galaxy S21 with 128GB should be sold for € 849, without connection to any operator. As for the second model, the Galaxy S21 +, it will sell for € 1,049. Finally, we have the largest capacity model, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which will be priced at € 1,399 in its 128GB version. These figures point to previous information, which was around one thousand euros.

Samsung specifications shown

While the price information came up, more specifications were also made public. One of the most important references is the SoC used in these smartphones, which should be the new Exynos 2100, which Samsung developed for these devices.

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In addition to this data, we also have confirmation of the presence of Android 11, with OneUI 3.0, in all smartphones. There are also AMOLED screens, USB-C connection, audio by 3.5mm jack and much more. The presence of fast and wireless charging also seems to be a reality.

This is more important information to know in advance what Samsung has prepared to reveal next week. The new Galaxy, in its 3 (probable) models, will be a top equipment, with features that will highlight it in the market.

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