In the last month of the year 2020 Bitcoin reached record values. On December 16 we broke the news that the virtual currency had exceeded 20 thousand dollars. In just a few days it reached $ 28,572 and already at the time it was expected to reach $ 30,000.

Today, on January 2, 2021, history is written. The virtual currency reached, for the first time, 30 thousand dollars.

Historic!  Bitcoin exceeds $ 30,000 for the first time

Bitcoin exceeds $ 30,000

On the way to becoming a conventional payment method, with more and more traders and investors, Bitcoin has today reached a historic high. For the first time, its value exceeded 30 thousand dollars. At 1:13 pm (Lisbon time) the virtual currency was worth, more specifically, $ 30,823.30.

O cryptocurrency price most popular in the world even reached $ 31,824 (more than 26,000 euros) early on Saturday, with almost all other markets closed in the first weekend of 2021.

In 2020, Bitcoin grew more than 300%. In the last 15 days alone, the currency has appreciated by 50%. It is recalled that on December 16, the currency reached 20 thousand dollars.

According to analysts, this figure should not stop here and, during the next few days, we should see new historical highs. The increased risk and its limited production (which dictates a certain scarcity) are two of the reasons for the increase in its value.

Growing in the near future

According to Scott Minerd, investment director at Guggenheim Investments, Bitcoin could even reach $ 400,000 given its scarcity.

Although investing in Bitcoin seems tempting, the truth is that this virtual currency is quite unstable and the losses we have seen in recent years call for caution to investors.

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