Electronics sometimes lead us to discover fantastic things. Have you ever thought that a simple RAM card could work as a Wi-Fi emitter? Incredible isn’t it? A group of students from a University of Israel presented a demonstration of the “hack”.

With such a change, it is even possible to steal data from a computer without permission. See the video.

Incredible: Hack converts a RAM card into a Wi-Fi emitter

Have you ever thought that RAM could work as a Wi-Fi emitter? It is true, a team from the University of Israel has been developing a set of studies in this direction and recently achieved communication between two machines. On one side a machine with a Wi-Fi card and on the other a machine whose transmission is done via RAM memory.

The investigation, which is already documented and which gave rise to the article (AIR-FI: Generating Covert Wi-Fi Signals from Air-Gapped Computers), reveals how it is possible to manipulate the current that passes through the RAM memory to generate electromagnetic waves in the 2.4 Ghz band. According to the estivo, the transmission speed is very slow, in the order of 100 bps ... but it works. Despite the slow communications, this “hack” can be used to steal important information from the machines.

Watch the video: Transmission from a RAM card to a Wi-Fi card

This is not the first time that researchers have done something in this regard. For several years, this group has been teaching ingenious techniques that can be used to obtain information from equipment that is apparently completely safe. Extremely valuable information is often kept on computers that sometimes do not connect to the Internet or even local networks. With this "hack" it may be possible to obtain such information.

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