Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Google and other technology giants have adapted their services to provide more information to users. With small changes they manage to disseminate data that would not otherwise be possible.

One of the most positive measures came to Google and Apple, who created a system of shared exposure notifications. Now, the research giant wants to go further and take this tracking system to smartwatches with Wear OS.

Google smartwatches COVID-19 Wear OS tracking

Smartwatches vão detetar a COVID-19

É com recurso a este sistema de notificações de exposição partilhada que apps como a STAYAWAY COVID conseguem funcionar. Estas APIs estão embutidas nos sistemas operativos e garantem uma camada transparente que trata de toda a recolhas de informação.

A Google está desde o primeiro momento neste projeto, que criou com a Apple, mas agora quer alargá-lo ainda mais. Código encontrado na mais recente versão do Play Services mostra que em breve os smartwatches com Wear OS também vão poder fazer o rastreio da COVID-19.

<string name="exposure_notification_pair">Pair</string>
<string name="exposure_notification_pair_fail_dialog">Pair failed! Please try again.</string>
<string name="exposure_notification_pair_new_device">Pair new device</string>
<string name="exposure_notification_paired_devices">Paired devices</string>
<string name="exposure_notification_pairing">Pairing…</string>
<string name="exposure_notification_wearable_available_devices">Available devices</string>
<string name="exposure_notification_wearable_device_list">Get notified on paired devices</string>
<string name="exposure_notification_wearable_device_name">Device name</string>
<string name="exposure_notification_wearable_pair_dialog_message">"Your phone will use this device to securely collect and share random IDs with other devices that are nearby.
You can be notified if you’ve been near someone who reported having COVID-19.
The date, duration, and signal strength associated with an exposure will be shared with the app."</string>
<string name="exposure_notification_wearable_pair_dialog_title">Pair %s for COVID-19 Exposure Notification?</string>

Google wants to give more capabilities to Wear OS

From what is visible in the strings present in the new version of Play Services, smartwatches will be able to collect proximity data. This will work in conjunction with the smartphone, being another element to detect nearby devices.

This should be an extension of the current API, which will work in the same way as smartphones. The information is collected and then passed on to the app, which manages it for both sending and displaying alerts.

Google smartwatches COVID-19 Wear OS tracking

More devices to screen for disease

This possible novelty comes after the Bluetooth SIG decided to expand the Bluetooth Low Energy specifications to devices such as wearables. 130 partners worked on this idea, eventually produce a draft of what will be used.

Google does not yet have any documentation available, nor has it made any formal announcement of this news. However, this discovery reveals that very soon there will be news in this area and that programmers will be able to take advantage.

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