After Google’s behavior towards iOS applications was pointed out as strange, the company has already responded. As noted, Google since Apple implemented a new privacy measure has stopped updating its applications on Apple’s operating system. A question arose as to whether users would be afraid to see more than what the company is supposed to collect from the activity with its apps.

The requirement that Apple implemented in updating apps since last December, showed an impressive reality of the activity of many applications, even scary!

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Google responds that it will update its apps this week

Apple, since the beginning of December, invited all iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS app developers to fill in the new privacy box when they update their apps. Thus, through this new section in the software form, companies are required to publish what data they collect to track users.

As we can see in a practical case, the Facebook app, this new feature informs that the app will collect data related to purchases, identifiers, usage data, diagnostics, contact information, user content, search history, among many others . Watch the video to see how it actually makes it scary, but now transparent to the user.

Google has announced that it will update its iOS applications with privacy details starting this week.

While it may seem that Google is circumventing Apple's new rules, we should also be careful not to read too much about the update time. A slowdown in application updates in December is by no means unusual.

You mentioned a spokesman from Google, which also confirmed that the company has a plan to add privacy labels to its app catalog.

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