The gadgets that accompany us in our day-to-day lives for a long time that stopped being just smartphones. Currently, there are several other devices, such as smartwatches and smartbands.

But now Google has registered the patent for a smart bracelet without a screen. Could we be facing a possible evolution in this segment?

Since the launch of smart bracelets, or smartbands, the market has been bombarded constantly with new products almost every week. Consumers have taken these gadgets very well, and therefore we often see people with a specimen on their wrist.

In this segment, there are choices of different brands, for different tastes and also for different portfolios. But it seems that Google has designed a different idea of ​​these bracelets.

Google may be developing a smart bracelet without a screen

According to information, Google has registered a patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USTPO). According to the documentation, this registration then belongs to a fitness accessory with a design very similar to Halo, the Amazon bracelet that was announced in August.

Amazon Halo

One of the peculiarities of this patent is that the Google smartband also has no screen, that is, the device makes the registration and monitoring of physical activities directly to the smartphone, without the possibility of displaying data on the wrist.

Although the patent documents did not reveal much information, through the images it appears that the bracelet has a type of mechanism where the various sensors must then be inserted. In addition, Google Assistant may also be integrated.

Some sites indicate that, through the images, it is possible that this mechanism is attached to the bracelet. In this way, the bracelet may be available only with a color option, since there is a possibility that it will not be possible to separate the sensors from the bracelet.

In short, this gadget could mark some evolution in this segment. But, since it is a patent, it is not certain that this equipment can see the light of day. However, it remains the idea of ​​something different on the part of Google.

We also remember that the technological giant bought Fitbit last year.

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