The Google search engine application for Android allows you to explore other perspectives of the images we are looking for, by offering 3D versions of animals, such as different breeds of dogs and cats. Now Google has expanded the three-dimensional concept to the automotive world and already has 250 3D models, which can be searched on the Android application (iOS will be launched next year).

The novelty is still being introduced in the United States in a first phase, followed by other territories. Among the brands, there are models from Volvo, Corvette, Audi and Porsche, for example. To search for vehicles in 3D, simply search for “Audi R8 2020” or “Volvo XC40 Recharge 2020” directly from the Google application on Android smartphones. When the feature is available in your region, the option “View in 3D” will appear.

It is explained that users can change the color of the car and design it in augmented reality, or place backgrounds, such as streets or deserts.

This new three-dimensional experience is important for Google, as according to Rajan Patel, vice president of engineering at the technological giant, this set of vehicles available is the first 3D content to be streamed from the cloud on the search engine. This means that the models have high quality details, trying to be photo-realistic.

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