In January last year, Google introduced Guest mode to allow users disconnected from a Wi-Fi network to access devices such as Chromecast or Google Home, simply by entering a four-digit PIN. Now, still aiming to make the use of these devices more secure and private, the company announced that it will be possible to turn off the recording features of its speakers and smart displays, such as Nest Audio or Nest Hub Max.

In this way, Google not only does not record audio clips, but does not associate them with the account of the user who is interacting with the equipment. This option can be useful when you are talking about private matters with the Assistant, as well as when there are family and friends interacting with the Assistant, as your interactions can influence the experience of artificial intelligence.

Note, however, that if you use the Assistant in this mode to interact with other Google services, such as Maps, for example, that interaction can be recorded by the app in question.

This mode can be activated by asking the Assistant to turn on Guest Mode.

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