The Porta 65 – Jovem Program is a financial support system for leasing by young people, isolated, constituted in aggregates or in cohabitation, regulated by a set of legal diplomas. This program supports the rental of residential housing, allocating a percentage of the rent as a monthly subsidy.

The most recent edition of this program started on September 16 and ends tomorrow! Enjoy.

Door 65: Get lease support by tomorrow (January 8)

Application to the Porta 65 Program ends tomorrow ...

The Porta 65 Program has been in existence for several years and is a program to support rental by young people. This program aims to regulate incentives for young tenants, encouraging:

  • 1. More autonomous lifestyles on the part of young people alone, in families or in young cohabitation;
  • 2. Rehabilitation of degraded urban areas;
  • 3. The dynamization of the rental market.

Door 65: Get lease support by tomorrow (January 8)

Young people aged 18 or over and less than 35 years old (In the case of a young couple, one member can be 36 years old, the other member 34 years old at the most) can take advantage of this program as long as they meet the following conditions:

  • 1. Hold a permanent housing lease;
  • 2. Do not cumulatively enjoy any subsidies or other public support for housing;
  • 3. None of the young members of the household is an owner or tenant for housing purposes of another building or fraction of housing;
  • 4. None of the young members of the household is related or related to the landlord.

The application is made electronically, in the Housing Portal, accessing the option “Submit Application”With the TIN (tax identification number) and the password to access the Tax Authority. This program is available until tomorrow at 5 pm (mainland time).

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