2021 is just around the corner and with it, new games are also coming to Microsoft Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

The beginning of the year games are already known. Come and find out what they are.

New year, but old tradition, it can be said in jokes. With the arrival of a new month, the first of 2021, the Xbox subscription service, Xbox Live Gold, receives news, which is to say that it receives new games.

Those who have valid subscriptions will thus have access to 4 new games that, it should be noted, even if they are not specific to the new Microsoft console, can be played on the Xbox Series X and S.

Little Nightmares - Xbox One (available January 1-31)

In Little Nightmares, the action takes place inside a dark boat somewhere in the sea, called The Maw in which the player controls Six, a small and vulnerable girl who is trapped and has to try to escape the ship and its sinister inhabitants.

The game combines stealth mechanics (using light and objects) with platforms, creating a sinister and intense environment that propels the player to move forward in the story.

However, the adventure continues with Little Nightmares II.

Dead Rising - Xbox One (available January 16 through February 15)

Zombies, zombies and more zombies. Dead Rising is a survival game set in the Willamette Mall that forces the player to survive insatiable hordes of zombies while trying to discover the source of the outbreak. The player has 72 hours to find out how it all started and at the same time, to stay alive.

In this remastered edition of the original, the player will find a world more attractive, but more deadly as well, as journalist Frank West (controlled by the player) advances on his adventure.

The King of Fighters XIII - Xbox 360 (available from 1 to 15 January)

This is an updated version of the classic arcade combat. Using the hyper drive we can launch devastating attacks and combinations on enemies.

It is the final chapter of the “Ash” saga, which ends in this title full of betrayal and revelations.

Breakdown (available from January 16 to February 15)

Trapped in a mysterious laboratory and unable to remember his past, Derrick Cole discovers that he has special powers while fighting for survival against a determined military group and a legion of almost invincible superhuman warriors!

Breakdown is a mind-blowing first-person action adventure game that combines hand-to-hand combat and ultra-advanced weapons with an immersive storyline and incredible graphics. Embark on an exciting search for the truth!

And these are the news. What did you think? Did you like or expect more?

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