In the selection we have made over the past few days, we show you the possibility to get to know environmental problems worldwide and define a strategy to save the planet or build skyscrapers with just a few touches.

In the set of utilities there are “aids” to travel in the days of COVID-19 and also to put complications aside when editing your next videos on the phone.

See these and other proposals in the alignment we present below.

Help save the Earth in Save Earth and learn how to be more sustainable in the real world

Through the game you get to know environmental problems all over the world and, based on that, define your strategy to save the planet.

At Save Earth kids and adults can learn to make planet Earth more sustainable. The idea is simple: create a strategy to save the world, based on real environmental problems and their causes.

The player’s objective is to guarantee the sustainability of the Earth at an early stage, as well as repair and improve the current state of the blue planet. In the end, and depending on the performance, the game presents the statistics related to the mission, with the player collecting points whenever completing tasks.

With the possibility to download Save Earth so you can play offline, the game integrates several modules. The idea is to teach adults and young people to take care of nature, learning about environmental problems all over the world.

What resources can you count on to save the Earth? You have the possibility to explore new technologies, implement projects and monitor the results or, for example, bet on a team of volunteers to fight poachers or smugglers.

The game interface is translated into different languages, including Portuguese.

Save Earth is free and available for iOS and Android.

Are you going to travel? European Commission app informs about Covid across the EU

Europe continues at various speeds in containing and controlling the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus. To make life easier for those who need to move around the region and know what they can count on in each country, the European Commission has just launched a smartphone application.

The Re-open EU app brings a set of useful information to the mobile phone screen about the measures in force in each country and updated numbers of the disease progression in the region, contents that could already be found on a website with the same name.

It provides information validated by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control and by the various Member States, on quarantine measures applicable to each country, Covid testing policy for travelers or contact details for health authorities. Information is available in 24 languages.

See the app images in the gallery

Re-Open EU has versions for Android and iOS. The web version of the platform, available since June, has already accumulated eight million visitors. The data published there refer to the various EU countries, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Put the hassle aside when editing your next videos on the phone

The name is not deceiving and it is videos that VideoShow deals with, more precisely editing. The application has been on the market for several years and has been improving its various features, above all, simple to use.

Recording videos with the smartphone is increasingly common, although editing them is almost as difficult as when they were done with cameras dedicated to the subject of old. Before making the usual post on social networks or sharing images with friends, there is nothing like editing the video with specific tools. And this is where VideoShow can enter as an option.

With a simple interface, the application offers a reasonable amount of possibilities that allow the recorded images to be treated in different ways. Start by choosing the photos and videos you want to add to the clip, which will be able to crop, enlarge, copy, rotate, change the speed or set the duration.

You can apply one of the available themes right from the start and your life will be facilitated in that there is harmony between filters, transitions and musical choice, always having the possibility to influence the final result by personalizing these and other options.

Like many applications, among the set of tools and possibilities offered, some are available for free and others are included in paid mode.

Mentioning some more of the options available with regard to special effects, you also have stickers, emojis, GIFs, text boxes and sound effects to add to your clips.

The VideoShow has a free version, being available for both Android like iOS.

League of Legends: Wild Rift offers the same MOBA experience in portable format

The famous Riot Games game, played by 5×5 teams, has arrived on Android devices.

League of Legends needs no introduction and 11 years after its debut on computers it remains one of the most played competitive games, both in Twitch broadcasts and in eSports tournaments. The smartphone version had been promised for some time and recently debuted on equipment Android (iOS comes a little later).

Riot Games promises the same competitive experience as its famous MOBA, memorable moves and the choice of the well-known Champions in its universe.

This version has a curious production story. When the Chinese giant acquired Riot Games, it asked him to produce a version of League of Legends for smartphones. But the publisher denied the request, stating that the gameplay and experience of its MOBA could not be replicated on mobile devices. Tencent then decided to get down to work to create its MOBA and the Honor of Kings (Arena of Valor) was born in 2015, which is currently one of the most played titles, having surpassed $ 193 million in revenue in July. Riot Games learned their “lesson” and got down to work to adapt LoL to the small screen.

The studio says that to get all the Champions you don’t have to pay, and there is also no “pay to win”, that is, paying to obtain competitive advantages. Riot Games wants to find the best LoL players for their own “skill”, capable of making the dream “pentakill” of any competition star.

You can download League of Legends: Wild Rift for free Android on the Play Store.

Group discussions ended. Create polls in iMessage in seconds with this app

Through TinyPoll creating a poll is practically as simple as sending a message, without having to leave iMessage.

In group conversations a simple question like “Where do we have dinner?” it can launch chaos. It was thinking about this real challenge for many users that the TinyPoll app appeared, an application that allows you to create polls in iMessage.

Through the app, polls are sent directly to iMessage, without having to leave the group conversation. Just click on the apps icon in the conversation to integrate a poll.

The next phase, as with platforms like Facebook or Twitter, involves customizing the results. By default, polls have three options, but can have up to five in the premium version of the app. In the free version you also have the limit of only being able to create a poll per day.

As people vote, the calculation is updated in real time. What if any of your friends change their mind about the choice they initially made? In this case, the app allows you to switch options, and is also updated automatically.

The app is free and available on App Store.

Forget the noise of construction and tight deadlines. In this game build skyscrapers with tranquility

Building a skyscraper in the real world can take years, but in the High Rise it only takes a few touches. And in this game you will also not have pressure to meet deadlines.

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