The locator devices are, it seems, a bet for this beginning of the year. Apple will already have prices fixed in its AirTags and Samsung will also appear with a new product for the segment. The South Korean company is said to be close to launching a new Tile-like device to locate lost items.

The locator device, probably called the Galaxy SmartTag, appeared last month and there is some speculation to point to its presentation with the Galaxy S21 in late January.

Image of Galaxy SmartTag, Samsung's locator

Galaxy SmartTag will use Bluetooth to connect to nearby devices and transmit your location. Thus, its owner can find it later if what is attached to it is lost.

The device will be powered by a replaceable button cell battery, according to a regulatory document released by GSMArena. Thus, the user will not have to throw it in the trash and buy a new one when the battery runs out.

Galaxy SmartTag is similar to Lapa

Samsung's locator sounds a lot like a block and apparently also looks a lot like one. The leaks seem to show the SmartTag as a small square with rounded corners and a hole in one of the edges to insert a key chain or string. In fact, this type of design is widely used, such as, for example, the national Lapa project.

As we can see, from the photos of the device presented to the Taiwanese telecommunications regulator, images released by 91mobiles, the aspect is not unknown and the technology has also been “thought” by other companies.

Image of Galaxy SmartTag, Samsung's locator

So far, it is unclear whether Samsung is doing anything out of the ordinary, or whether it will be tracing other devices that have been around for many years.

Incidentally, Samsung launched a locator in 2018 that connected to GSM networks for continuous location. More recently, in October, Samsung launched an application, the SmartThings Find, qu helps your gadget owners find their existing devices using Bluetooth. Yes, at the time it seemed to be the foundation for the future SmartTag.

So this seems to be more bad news for the Tile project. In addition to this, there are other rumors that indicate that Apple also has an item finder in progress. That could mean two major new competitors in one year, if both devices are actually sold.

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