In April, Samsung introduced its Galaxy A21 to the world. But the new information indicates that the South Korean brand may be about to launch its Galaxy A22 for the second half of 2021.

Furthermore, this Samsung Galaxy A22 is expected to be the brand’s most affordable 5G smartphone for next year.

Samsung is one of the strongest brands in the smartphone segment. And in this way, it has actively contributed to bring new products to the market for different tastes and financial possibilities.

In April this year, the South Korean brand launched the Galaxy A21 model, but its successor may arrive in 2021 with several new features.

Galaxy A22 is expected to be the most affordable Samsung 5G smartphone from 2021

According to information recent from South Korean sources, Samsung may launch its next Galaxy A22 in the second half of 2021. And the data points to this being the brand's most affordable 5G smartphone for next year.

There is another device to be produced, the Galaxy A32 5G, which should be launched early this year. And, according to what is known, this may be the cheapest Samsung 5G smartphone for the first half. A recent report indicates that this phone will feature Mediatek's Dimensity 720 5G processor, and may cost around 299 euros in the European market.

Samsung Galaxy A32: rendering by Steve Hemmerstoffer

But the Galaxy A22 5G may be priced lower than the A32 5G. According to a new report, the A22 is expected to cost close to 200,000 won, about 147 euros.

If confirmed, then this model will be able to compete directly with models with cheaper fifth generation networks from other brands, such as Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, among others.

Samsung is also estimated to manufacture the Galaxy A22 5G together with Chinese companies Wingtech and Hwachin. The equipment must then be marketed first in India and in the countries of Southeast Asia and then be extended to other markets.

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