The Apple Watch, with each version, increases the offer of new technologies that serve for the user to pay more attention to health and well-being. Thus, after monitoring the heartbeat, detecting falls, the SOS system, the ECG, monitoring the noise and reading the oxygen in the blood, this machine may bring the next measurement of blood pressure.

There are already several systems that can be attached to the clock to make this measurement, but Apple may bring a new approach.

Image Apple Wtach monitoring blood pressure

Apple Watch may measure blood pressure

Apple's range of smartwatches has a number of features designed to help users monitor their health. This includes heart rate monitor, ECG monitor and even the blood oxygen sensor. However, it appears that the company is now looking to add another health feature to its smartwatch in the form of a blood pressure monitoring system.

According information revealed from the patent application, Apple once again filed a technology application that suggests the company is considering adding a blood pressure monitoring tool to future Apple watches.

Currently, the verification of this parameter involves the use of oscillometric cuffs, which is the most commonly used non-invasive method to obtain an accurate and reproducible estimate of blood pressure.

Although oscillometry cuffs do provide accurate blood pressure readings, they are very bulky and not very portable. So, if Apple manages to have another technology, but with the same performance, it will undoubtedly be a substantial evolution in this type of equipment.

However, the patent filed by Apple recognizes that a smartwatch may not necessarily provide readings as accurate as conventional oscillometric cuffs. Thus, it is stated in the patent that the watch may make some internal corrections to make the readings more accurate.

The use of one or more correction factors disclosed herein may allow for more compact, convenient and / or accurate wearable blood pressure measurement devices and methods.

Information available in the patent summary.

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