With the pandemic of COVID-19, the world changed and, on the CES 2021 virtual stage, Samsung introduced a new set of technological solutions designed to make life easier during the “new normal”.

In addition to a new place of work or study, the house truly became a kind of “sanctuary” during the pandemic and the South Korean manufacturer is exploring new ways to make its technologies even more intelligent, bringing new intuitive experiences , customizable and able to adapt to the needs of users.

According to Sebastian Seung, president and head of Samsung’s research department, the goal is to create a future in which technology is built according to people’s lifestyles.

Highlighted are the new Flex Bespoke 4-door refrigerators, which allow for greater personalization through colored exterior panels, also bringing improvements to the interior and allowing food and drinks to be better preserved. The equipment has a scheduled arrival date for Spring in the United States.

“Jumping” from the kitchen to the living room, there is also space for new televisions. In its most accessible models, the company adopted MicroLED, the same that is present in The Wall, the TV presented at CES 2018.

The 2021 line, which will hit the market in March, offers screen sizes up to 110 inches, but also smaller models with the technology. Below the screen, TVs feature 24 million MicroLEDs, improving colors and lighting for home lines.

To facilitate new, more “home-made” lifestyles, Samsung is also betting on services such as SmartThings Cooking, an app to give more “intelligence” to what is done in the kitchen and which allows greater control over the brand’s equipment and appliances, all from the smartphone, as well as Samsung Health Smart Trainer, which will reach all 2021 Smart TVs of the brand.

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that has been marking the manufacturer’s products: either in TVs or in home appliances. Thus, Samsung presents the JetBot90 AI +, which will reach the North American market in the first half of 2021.

The smart vacuum has LiDAR sensors to recognize and avoid even the smallest obstacles. The equipment also has a camera, allowing, for example, the user to see if their pets are behaving well.

As far as more of the more robotic creations are concerned, the company made improvements to the GEMS system, presented in last year’s edition of CES, which is already being used in clinical tests and pilot programs.

Predicting the future where robots will become authentic “helpers” at home, Samsung introduces Bot Care, a virtual assistant that takes the form of an automaton and promises to take care of all the small details in life users, as well as Bot Handy, capable of picking up various objects and helping with household chores.

A more equitable and sustainable future

In addition to technological changes in homes, Sandeep Rana, Samsung’s environmental sustainability specialist, says that ensuring a better future for the next generations is essential. In addition to programs that encourage young people to gain a taste for technology and create new solutions, the brand also bets on the accessibility of its creations, as well as taking more “environmentally friendly” measures.

According to Sandeep Rana, multiple measures are being taken to ensure environmental sustainability, with a special emphasis on “upcycling”: from the cardboard boxes of the equipment to the controls of the TVs that start dispensing batteries, without forgetting the software.

The company wants to go further with Galaxy Upcycling at Home, the program that wants to give more “life” to smartphones that are no longer being used, allowing to transform them, for example, into a monitor for babies’ activity at night , or as a remote control.

But, Samsung’s technological “surprises” do not end there and Sebastian Seung recalls that the latest Unpacked from the manufacturer is scheduled for next January 14th, where he is expected to show the world the new line of Galaxy S21 smarthones. .

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