Hearing the Queen of England’s Christmas message only on radio or television is a thing of the past. Isabel II’s speech will be available for the first time on the Echo smart speakers, making it necessary to make a special request to Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant.

According to The Guardian, users will be able to hear the Queen’s message on December 25 at 3pm Lisbon time. This is yet another bet on the “modernization” of the royal family, which already makes the message available on its social networks and YouTube channel, in addition to the BBC.

Cited by the newspaper, Alexa Europe director Eric King expects this strategy to liven up Christmas for many people in the CommonWealth, “after a challenging year”. Therefore, this “privilege” is not just for Britons, since listening to Isabel II’s message will be possible on Amazon’s Echo equipment, as long as they are configured for an English language. In that case, just say “Alexa, play the Queen’s Christmas Day message”.

What is certain is that the Queen of England has also joined video calls. In a recent tweet from the British Royal Family, Isabel II can be seen participating in a virtual conference with a representative from New Zealand.

Recently, Amazon’s smart speakers or other Echo equipment have already started using the Alexa assistant to do real-time translations between two people who speak different languages. For now, the system is being tested in the United States and translating the conversation between English into Spanish, German, French, Hindi, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese.

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