Many of these changes will be temporary and we all hope to return to normal in our family and affective life shortly, but some will have come to stay – and thankfully. After all, was it so productive to be in the office every day, from 9 am to 6 am, working on the laptop we could use at home? And as for the one-hour face-to-face meetings that we traveled four or five, did they not do well at Zoom? And that weekly grocery shopping made online didn’t come straight to our house, with well chosen fruit and without needing to leave? It has arrived, of course, and that is why we will remain customers. Or not?

I would say yes, that the leap forward by e-commerce in 2020 has no return, as thousands of families have had the opportunity to test the channel throughout the year and realize that the services work, that are complementary to the physical retail and that add convenience to your day-to-day. And I believe that this will be the most evident trend in consumption for 2021: the generalized growth in demand for e-commerce, especially food, where, despite the expressive growth of last year, there is still a lot of room for progression in online. To support this increase in demand, there will be more investment in technology and logistics by operators in the online channel, to scale the business efficiently and avoid service availability constraints, which were transversal (and understandable) at the peak of the first wave.

In parallel, marketplaces will be more relevant: on the one hand, they will be a simple gateway to the channel for retailers who do not yet have online operations; on the other hand, they will bring more delivery capacity to those who already have their operations matured. In both cases, they will make it possible to reach more consumers and, above all, at different times of consumption.

Better logistics and more distribution channels will lead to greater convenience: faster deliveries, with shorter hourly windows. With regard to price, subscription models will be more common, namely the sale of delivery packs with discount on postage, something that should be generalized. However, I believe that it will be the quality of service that will dictate customer loyalty, that will favor operators that best deliver what they promise, that include healthier and more sustainable solutions in their offer and that are closer and more authentic in their relationship with the customer .

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