Flash is just days away from disappearing for good and forever. Adobe’s decision is made and it is irrevocable, putting an end to this technology, which is increasingly in disuse, but which many continue to want to use.

With this date coming, Adobe started showing notifications on Windows 10, to help users. The purpose is certainly to remove this technology instead of Windows 10.

Flash Adobe Windows 10 notification technology

Flash is really coming to an end

It is on December 31 that Adobe closes the Flash chapter once and for all. From that day on, support for this technology ends and is no longer available on all platforms where it is still present and functioning.

All systems are preparing for that date and applications, with browsers following suit. They will also block Flash and its use, ensuring that it disappears for good and cannot be activated again in the future.

Adobe shows notification to remove this technology

Microsoft had already promised an update to clean Windows 10, and even tested its use. To anticipate that moment, Adobe itself will already be notifying users to remove the software from their machines.

In these messages, Adobe thanks users for using Flash over the years. It also asks for the software to be removed, since its support ends on December 31, after which the machines are certainly exposed to problems and security flaws.

Flash Adobe Windows 10 notification technology

Your presentation will be enhanced in Windows 10

The cause presented for this situation is associated with the security of Flash and the end of support. Remember also that all the contents of this technology will stop working after that date, therefore not being necessary in operating systems.

This message is being displayed, but certainly not to all users. It is hoped that in the next few days, even after December 31, it will begin to be shown to everyone, trying to get Flash to be removed from the machines and not to bring security problems to users.

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