At the end of the first week of the 5G auction phase reserved for new entrants, the value of the bids reached a total of 83.277 million euros, with the seventh day being marked by the continued interest in the 1800 MHz band.

Anacom says that today six rounds took place again. As in the other days, a lot in the 900 MHz band was bid for 30 million euros, the same amount since the first round on 22 December last year.

In the 1800 MHz band, the value of the lots more than quadrupled in relation to the initial price of 4 million euros. Today, three lots were auctioned for 17.759 million euros, reaching a total value of 53.277 million.

5G auction – 7th bidding day

credits: Anacom

“data-title =” 5G auction – 7th bidding day – First week of the 5G auction closes with bids exceeding 83 million euros – SAPO Tek “> 5G auction - 7th bidding day

credits: Anacom

The value of bids in the first phase involving only operators who do not yet have a presence in the Portuguese mobile market is increasing significantly after each round. On the first day, bids exceeded 48 million euros. In the second, the figure exceeded 60 million, reaching 70 million in the fourth and 80 million in the sixth.

It should be remembered that only after this first moment will the general phase in which all interested parties participate, including MEO, NOS and Vodafone, take place. After the general bidding, consignment follows, with the geographic location of the lots won, and the allocation of rights to use the licenses. According to the updated timetable for the 5G auction, the procedures are expected to be completed during the first quarter of 2021.

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