So many are the indications that it is almost an official announcement. However, Apple should have the AirTags unveiled very soon. Until then, its software does the honors of the house and now it was Safari and the Find app that gave more clues. According to information now revealed, we can now activate this feature, still secret, on our iPhone or iPad.

We test and it works. See how to get to the hidden menu to detect objects that have Apple AirTag.

Find app image with menu for objects with AirTag

Find app has hidden option to find AirTags

As revealed in the publication MacRumors, using in Safari the address “findmy: // items”The user is taken to the Find app. Inside, as you can see in the images we share, there is a hidden menu that will allow us to search for objects that have AirTags.

Users can also enter the URL in Safari on macOS 11.1 and view the hidden text “Objects” in the Find app on Mac.

Find app on macOS Big Sur for AirTags

New accessory for the Apple ecosystem

As has been said many times, this new accessory meets the Tile market. It is basically a device that will help users find other objects attached to the AirTag. This locator tag can be placed on a backpack, keys, wallet, any object.

Then, with the Find app, the object is located and, in case it disappears from the radar, there is a wide range of features that can be triggered and now using Ultra Wideband technology for greater location accuracy. In addition, there is talk of Augmented Reality to help locate the lost object.

This type of accessory could bring a new level of service to the Apple ecosystem. This can be an individual presentation, but it can also bring something more. Thus, Apple should be preparing yet another event to present these and other news very soon.

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