It gave the logic on the first day of dispute of the HP Kart Challenge, challenge held this Wednesday night (6/1) in Brands Hatch, on Playstation 4 (Gran Turismo Sport).

Five times finalist of the World Championship of the International Automobile Federation, the Brazilian Adriano Carrazza guaranteed the place in the decision of the event, which will take place on the 13th, live through the Liga ZGT channel on Youtube. In addition to the title, a prize of R $ 1,000.00 will be at stake for the winner.

In addition to Carrazza, pilot of the KOA team, 11 other pilots guaranteed a direct seat for the decision: FFR_Lindomar, MRT_Magoo, ORMA_ElyLamas, Loko_Tiba, Vroos83, HP_Julio_K, Turismo-Gerson, FFR_Silvestre, HP_Preto, Rena15 and HP_Emerson.

Playstation 4 Kart Challenge Final

HP team pilots in action at the event

The finals will be played on the legendary Japanese track at Tsukuba.

Another 15 pilots will dispute a recap in search of the last three places in the competition. The repechage will take place in Austria, in Red Bull Ring. Detail: with rain. The HP Kart Challenge features pilots from six different countries.

“The first batteries were a spectacle. Fierce disputes wheel by wheel, as a Kart competition has to be. Seeing big names like Adriano Carrazza in action is a privilege for those who organize and for the public. Apart from the opportunity to discover talents from countries like Spain, Colombia, USA, Portugal and Argentina ”, comments Arnaldo Camara, creator of the event.

To watch, access the link.

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