Facebook started a war against Apple, because iOS 14 allows you to turn off tracking made by applications. It will be a way to stop Facebook actions, and not only, that “watch” users’ movements while they surf. Incidentally, this position of Apple motivated even those responsible for the largest social network in the world to support another “battle”, where Epic Games is joining forces with the technology giant. However, Facebook’s intentions in this fight against Apple or the employees of the social network itself can not convince.

Messages from Facebook engineers point out the attitudes of company officials as being hypocritical.

Illustration of the battle that facebook fights against Apple

Apple has dealt a heavy blow to the behavior that the company considers invasive of users' privacy. Thus, in iOS 14, Apple introduced a feature that informs and passes on to the user the possibility of their movements being or not the target of tracking by several companies, including Facebook. Obviously, the vast majority of users will block this form of tracking in browsing habits.

The losses in terms of return on advertising will be high for those who depend on this type of approach and Facebook is one of those that uses these mechanisms the most.

Facebook Privacy Illustration on Apple's iOS 14

Why does Facebook care about Apple users?

Simple to understand. Apple's platforms are among the most profitable when it comes to the return of advertising to Facebook. Incidentally, in August, when iOS 14 was still in beta, the research giant announced that with this system it could lose 50% of its revenue.

So there are several points of view here that have to be understood to fit the current support of Mark Zuckerberg's company to the battle that Epic Games is waging against Apple.

Privacy and hypocrisy

With Apple's technology moving from the beta to the official version, Facebook has stepped up its attack on the Cupertino company. Mark Zuckerberg's company went so far as to publish a full page of criticism of Apple in major US newspapers.

According to Facebook's arguments, this measure is supposed to affect the economy of many small businesses. These micro organizations depend on the use of this data collected by the social network to position their services or products. The strategy is, in essence, the same that Epic Games applied against Apple.

After these events, they appeared in the publication BuzzFeed News audio messages and texts from the conversations of Facebook employees themselves. As can be read, they claim that these arguments are “on the verge of hypocrisy”:

It seems that we are trying to justify doing a bad thing by hiding behind people with a message of sympathy.

This is what one of the Facebook engineers said in one of the leaked messages. The argument that says Facebook is concerned with small businesses seems to have always been in meetings recently. The talks point to declines in Zuckerberg's company revenue as a result of the loss of these companies.

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