The back cover of the new OnePlus phone concept changes color between silver gray and dark blue. At this stage, the manufacturer does not explain in what context the hue change occurs, but it can be useful, for example, for a visual indicator that there are notifications to read. A OnePlus spokesman reveals that the feat is achieved by applying a special layer of metal oxide to the glass of the back cover and that the passage of different voltages leads to a color change.

The reaction can be used in combination with the concept of millimeter wave (mmWave), the same technology that serves as the basis for 5G, to change color according to a certain command. For example, an incoming call can lead to a rapid blink or a certain programmed tone change. In a more advanced stage, this novelty can be used in conjunction with the user’s breathing monitoring and provide a kind of biological feedback, Engadget.

The new concept was developed by the OnePlus Gaudí team, which brings together 39 design specialists in Shenzen, Taipei, New York and India. It is not yet known if and when this smartphone will hit the market.

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