Nintendo’s acquisition of Next Level Games is expected to close on March 1 and the terms of the deal announced today have not been revealed. The two companies have been working together for about 20 years and one of the most successful jobs is part of the saga Luigi’s Mansion, so it is expected that new chapters of this title will appear.

Next Level also prepared Super Mario Strikers, Mario Strikers Charged, Metroid Prime: Federation Force and has worked almost exclusively for Nintendo since its inception, occasionally developing titles for other platforms.

The purchase of Next Level may then mean an increased bet on Luigi’s Mansion, after the game launched in 2019 to have been well received by critics and players. The strategy may be to make this saga a recurring franchise as with other titles, instead of just a few games released periodically, recalls the Slash Gear.

The amounts involved in the agreement were not disclosed and the plans for Next Level Games for the post-purchase period were also not disclosed.

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