NASA used images collected by the Chandra X-ray observatory in the data sonification program. In this initiative, the images of the observatory are converted and translated into sounds, as if they were played by different instruments. The result can be seen in the three videos below, in which X-ray light (in shades of blue and white) is represented by brass instruments from the family of metals, optical light (in red) is played by strings and the Infrared light is represented by wind instruments such as flutes and oboes.

In the first video, we see and hear the Southern Crab Nebula, 6500 light years from Earth. The sounds converge in the center of the nebula, where a rapid pulsation fires gas and radiation in all directions, creating sound overlays.

The second NASA video shows the Bullet Cluster, where two sets of galaxies collide slowly, about 3.7 billion light years from Earth. This was the collision that gave direct evidence of the existence of dark matter. In this case, X-ray light is represented by the highest frequencies, reports the

The third video released by those responsible for the sonification program shows a supernova explosion called Supernova 1987A. This video has a different treatment and has a time-lapse effect: as the aim moves, the image gradually changes to show the evolution of the explosions between 1999 and 2013 and, as the halo gets brighter, the higher the sounds.

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