Microsoft is looking for a software engineer for the Windows Core User Experience team. The job posting published stresses that the person concerned will work to deliver a “sweeping visual rejuvenation” in Windows experiences to our users, which has led the community to speculate that the company is preparing for a visual revolution of the operating system. “Signaling customers that Windows is BACK and ensuring that Windows is considered to have the best user experience” are two other goals for the job seeker.

The Redmond company responded quickly by removing references to visual remodeling, not without several enthusiasts first seeing and disseminating them. The job advertisement and the way it was written gives substance to the theories that say Microsoft is preparing for a major visual makeover of Windows.

In October, the Windows Central reported some changes, such as in the Start menu, in File Explorer and in the apps integrated in Windows 10. It is expected that there will also be graphic and functional innovations in the sliders, buttons and menus and an improvement in the experience in tablet mode, namely alternation between the tactile commands and the keyboard or mouse.

Improvements and changes should arrive by the end of the year.

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