Alder Lake is the name of the 12th generation of Intel Core processors, an evolution of the SuperFin design with the 10 nanometer manufacturing process. With this evolution, Intel confirms that the migration plans for a seven nanometer manufacturing process are still far away. Alder Lake processors are expected to begin to be seen later this year, according to Intel’s presentation at this year’s CES.

Intel has decided to put high-performance cores together with highly efficient cores in a single component to meet different computing needs, notes the publication Pocket-Lint. The cores already have a code name, Golden Lake and Gracemont, are completely new and the new platform should use faster transistors.

Intel promises, in the presentation of these new processors, a “significant advance”, explaining that the solution is more scalable and can be used in the entire line, from desktop computers to ultra-thin notebooks. It is recalled that Qualcomm, with the Snapdragon line, and Apple, with the M1 chips, have a similar strategy, with the same chips being used to power various types of devices, from mobile phones to laptops.

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