The Portuguese video game Project Haven, developed by the studio Foresight Games, received financial support from Epic Games, one of the largest video game companies in the world and which is responsible, for example, for the mega-success Fortnite and the development engine Unreal Engine. Funding is provided through the Epic MegaGrants program, an initiative by the American company to support the development of games and digital technologies that it considers promising.

The title Project Haven, currently in development and still without a release date, belongs to the category of tactical turn-based games. Questioned by Exame Informática on the value of the support provided by Epic Games, Foresight Games chose not to disclose the amount of support.


In this game, the player takes on the role of a group of mercenaries, known as Steel Dragons, who fight for survival in the futuristic and fictional city called Haven City. Like other tactical turn-based games, you can explore different categories of characters and combat skills.

The game also bets on differentiating elements such as the possibility of manually defining the target of the character who is acting, assuming a third person perspective (in these games, the game perspective is traditionally aerial), so you can choose the type of damage to provoke (on a leg to slow the opponent or on the head to cause more damage).

At official pageProject Haven is also described as a game with a “mature” story that complements the gameplay with “cinematic” moments. The game from the Foresight Games studio had also been featured at Gamescom 2020, Europe’s largest video game fair. For now, only one version of the game for PC is expected to be released.

This is the second Portuguese project to be supported by Epic Games in recent months. In early October, just like the Exame Informática also reported, the startup Sound Particles, specialized in 3D audio creation and positioning software, also received a Mega Grant, worth 50 thousand euros.

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