Public Facebook Pages are used by artists, brands and public figures to interact with their fans and advertise their content. Until now, users have been able to put a Like on those pages, but a restructuring of the social network has removed that button. Now, users will have to become followers to access the latest information and show their interest.

The Pages will now show the number of followers and will have a News Feed where users can interact with each other, comment and ‘speak’ directly with the authors, Facebook announced in a statement. The information, signed by Asad Awan, responsible for Public Connections and Facebook Monetization, explains that this design aims to be simpler and more intuitive, allowing easier navigation between the personal profile and the public page and introduces a new question and answer format text-based.

“We’re removing Likes and focusing on Followers to simplify the way people interact with their favorite pages. Unlike Likes, the number of Followers represents the people who can receive updates from the Pages, which helps public figures to have a better indication of their fan base ”, explains the official Facebook publication.

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