One of the first major trends of 2021 at TikTok appears to be enterprise software. The unlikely combination is being streamlined by younger users who are creating content showing how they use this type of solutions, such as Notion, to organize their daily lives.

O The Verge
explains that in the first week of this year, several users, with millions of followers each, published videos with GIFs and images of anime characters within Notion templates, increasing the popularity of these programs. The comments on these videos show that users are following suit and many even ask for tutorials explaining how to start using the software and creating their own accounts and projects. The user @promeat has already done a lot of this content and published guides on how to create accounts and how to manage your “daily Notion routine”.

On the Notion side, these ‘unlikely’ users are welcome: “We are delighted to see this!”, Confesses a company spokesman.

The pandemic caused the boundaries between work and personal life to blur. In this specific case, the limits of school life also seem to be confused with the personal tastes and hobbies of these younger users.

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