There are several Boston Dynamics videos on the potential and versatility of the different robot solutions that it has been developing. The video for this end of the year, however, is impressive and shows several of these creations playing cards on a dance floor to the sound of Do You Love Me from The Countours.

In 2018 we could see Spot doing the Running Man while listening Uptown Funk in the background. Now, the sure and smooth steps, the runs, the jumps and the different movements flow much better and deserved several praiseworthy words, like a message on Twitter by Elon Musk who made a point of highlighting that “This is not CGI” (animation generated by computer).

Boston Dynamics, it is recalled, was bought by the Hyundai Motor Group for $ 1.1 billion. Atlas and Handle are still under investigation and prototyping, but Spot is already on sale for about $ 7,400.

Watch the video published now by Boston Dynamics.

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