The Super Nintendo World theme park is filled with references to the iconic Big N universe and no one better than Shigeru Miyamoto to guide fans through the nooks of the place and explain the dynamics of the attractions. Many of the decoration elements are available for fans to interact with special bracelets distributed at the entrance and based on NFC technology and an app specifically created to visit the park.

The Power Up Bands distributed at the entrance then function as Amiibo for compatible hardware such as Nintendo Switch. There are also hats that will give rise to the display of extra content in Augmented Reality. A giant merchandising store associated with the brand is also to be expected, where many items live up to Nintendo’s historical heritage, which started out as a brand of intelligently created toys, ArsTechnica.

In the video you can see the attraction Mario Kart where we race against Bowser, in a replica of the latter’s castle and in some carts that appear to be on roller coaster rails.

See the full video of the guided tour by Miyamoto himself.

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