The European Union (EU) high court adviser issued a recommendation to allow data protection agencies in any member state to take action against Facebook or any other technology company, even if its regional headquarters is in a state other than EU, according to ‘Reuters’.

The recommendation was issued after Facebook tried to reject the position of Belgium’s privacy regulator in a data protection case, saying its headquarters were in Dublin and therefore Ireland was the main authority in the EU for the data giant. social networks.

Advocate General Michal Bobek, a consultant to the Court of Justice of the European Union, recommended that data protection agencies in any EU country could bring legal action in various situations, even if they were not the primary authority.

If the recommendation is followed, it could lead to action by the national agencies of the 27 EU members against other US technology companies, such as Google, Twitter and Apple, which also have their EU headquarters in Ireland. EU judges tend to follow the opinions of general counselors, but are not obliged to do so. They usually make a decision between two to four months.

Specifically in the Belgian situation, the country’s regulator tried to prevent Facebook from collecting data on users’ browsing behavior, to show them advertising without their consent. Facebook contested the position based on the fact that the Irish data protection agency is Facebook’s top authority, which has led to Bobek issuing the recommendation.

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