In 2018, the European Space Agency launched ESAKids, a website where young people can set out to discover space: all with the help of Paxi, a small extraterrestrial who came to visit Earth and ended up staying here. Now, space adventures “jump” from the web page to a new free application.

Mirroring the basic concept of the website, the content available at ESAKids was designed so that children from 3 to 12 years old can learn in a fun way, using a language more appropriate for their age.

Thinking of the newest space “explorers” in the family, the application brings together various memory or matching games, as well as activities where you can unleash your creativity by coloring various illustrations with Paxi.

To challenge the slightly older children, there are a series of space missions where you will have to put your skills to the test and build ships, land on different planets or even help clean up the space “junk”. There is also the possibility to gather kids and adults around a game of questions about Space to liven up the family nights.

ESAKids is available for both Android, from the Play Store, as for iOS, through the App Store.

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