Huawei has been barred in several countries and for several reasons. In Europe, for example, nations like the United Kingdom and Sweden are limiting and preventing the Chinese company from participating in the process of implementing the 5G network.

But now Swedish CEO Ericsson has left an ultimatum. Börje Ekholm says the company will leave its country of origin if the ban on Huawei continues.

Lately, Huawei's life has been marked by several conflicts with some countries.

In the United States of America, for example, the problems posed by the administration of the still president Donald Trump are more than well known. Such conflicts caused the blocking of negotiations by the Chinese company with several partners, such as Google, which are decisive for the continued development of equipment.

For its part, in Europe, Huawei has faced resistance mainly to be included in the negotiations for the implementation of the 5G network. In the United Kingdom, where dozens of antennas on the fifth generation network were destroyed, the installation of Huawei's 5G equipment is prohibited after September 2021. And Sweden has also banned Huawei and ZTE equipment for the ultra-fast network.

Ericsson will leave Sweden if Huawei ban continues

At first glance, the Chinese manufacturer's 5G ban in Europe might even look good for Ericsson, and also for Nokia. However, the reality is very different and now this discontent has been demonstrated assertively.

According to the Swedish newspaper Daily News, Ericsson CEO Börje Ekholm stated that “If the ban on Huawei continues, Ericsson will leave Sweden”.

Börje Ekholm, CEO of Ericsson

The executive is said to have sent a message to Swedish Trade Minister Anna Hallberg saying that the company would leave Sweden, unless the country's government stopped the prohibitions against Huawei and ZTE.

However, the minister's reply indicates that:

The government cannot lift the ban on Huawei, because the interim secretariat of the Administration of Swedish Post and Telecommunications Authority made the decision based on the recommendations of the security department and the National Defense Forces.

Ericsson thus shows a clear discontent with the injustice that is happening to Huawei. And he fears that the same may happen to you, for example, in China, a market where he recognizes high importance.

But the CEO still agrees with the possibility that Huawei, and other companies, will take action against this ban. In addition, some information indicates that Ericsson has even tried to hire lawyers to help the Chinese manufacturer in this process. However, Börje adds that “although we have contacted several Swedish law firms, no one is willing to help Huawei. There are many cowards here ”.

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