The time has passed when we needed to leave the house or have specific equipment such as a television or console to entertain ourselves. Now just grab your smartphone and explore apps and games that even make it look like the hands of the clock move faster.

We bring you apps that help you prove how easy it is to find entertainment offers on Huawei AppGallery, the official application store for Huawei. Take a look at the suggestions and download these applications to your Huawei smartphone now!

Huawei AppGallery is the third most used app store worldwide and is pre-installed on Huawei smartphones but can be used on any Android device, smartphone or tablet, and installation is very easy from this link.

MEO GO – MEO television service features always at hand

Through the MEO GO app you have access to MEO television on your smartphone. Following live broadcasts, namely from the premium channels subscribed to the package, and watching the automatic recordings of the last few days are some of the possibilities.

If you prefer, you can, for example, rent movies at the video club or consult the complete schedule on the TV Guide. Another useful feature is the possibility to restart viewing programs with Restart TV.

THE MEO GO application can be downloaded for free from Huawei AppGallery.

TVI Player – Watch or review TVI programs on your phone

TVI programming is available on the TVI Player app, and you can follow the broadcast live and also review a program. So, don’t worry if it wasn’t in time to see, for example, the evening paper.

The application also includes unpublished programs and exclusive premieres from the television channel.

THE TVI Player application can be downloaded for free from the Huawei AppGallery.

RTP Play – TV, radio and podcasts in a single app

With the RTP Play app you can access more than 20 live broadcasts and thousands of other content, some of them exclusive. Listening to radio programs and podcasts is also a possibility, as well as downloading content in audio format, for later listening.

The app, which allows access to RTP programming, also makes it possible to continue watching or listening from where you left off. And do you want to save your favorite content? You can also do this in the application.

THE RTP Play application can be downloaded for free from the Huawei AppGallery.

myTuner Radio and Podcasts – Listen to radio from around the world, anywhere

Listening to more than 50,000 radio stations, whether online, FM and AM, from 200 countries and territories is possible with this app. The application integrates even more than a million podcasts. In Portugal the application has more than 500 radios, such as RFM, Rádio Comercial and TSF.

If you want to listen to a radio from a specific country, the app makes it easy, as you can search for a station by country and city. And if you want your alarm to be the emission of one of the radios you can also do it in this application.

THE myTuner Radio and Podcasts application can be downloaded for free from the Huawei AppGallery.

Quiz Game 2020 – Test your general culture in a fun way

Learn while having fun: this is the idea of ​​Quiz Game 2020, with a clear challenge: correctly answer 15 questions. If I have any doubts you can always use four aids.

If you reach the final, you become a “virtual millionaire” when you receive one million points. However, if he fails, he loses everything or wins the one corresponding to the level he was on.

THE Quiz Game 2020 application can be downloaded for free from the Huawei AppGallery.

Energy: Anti Stress Loops – A game that wants to challenge creativity

If your batteries are almost empty this app is a good way to recharge them. Originating from the popular game ∞ Infinity Loop, this game challenges your brain to peek at creativity by completing electrical circuits of lamps, cables and rays.

The idea is to provide a relaxing environment, combining a calm soundtrack with puzzles. In the end, connecting all the cables to the power sources creates small works of art, which you can photograph and store on your Huawei smartphone.

Based on a logic of infinite levels, the game aims to be an escape from more stressful days.

THE Energy: Anti Stress Loops app can be downloaded for free from Huawei AppGallery.

Deezer – Listen to music, podcasts and radio in one app

With 56 million themes, playlists and podcasts, the app also has personalized recommendations for each user. And if you have trouble finding the name of a particular song, the SongCatcher feature will help.

In the app you also have the possibility to access the lyrics of the songs to make your favorite collection. Another useful resource is the creation of a playlist and the sharing of favorite songs on social networks.

If you still prefer to listen to the radio or podcasts you can also do so in the app.

THE Deezer application can be downloaded for free from the Huawei AppGallery.

Huawei Music – Find the right music according to your mood

The Huawei Music app offers a music experience with a music catalog for streaming, but it also allows you to explore different personalized radio stations.

With this app you can also discover global musical hits in exclusive tables and playlists. Through another feature of the app it is also possible to identify songs in a “smart” way, with a database and an artificial intelligence comparison system.

The application integrates two modes that adapt to your “mood”: race and party. The first helps users to find compatible music that matches their beats per minute, perfect for sports, while in party mode you can connect Huawei mobile devices and play the same music at the same time.

THE Huawei Music application can be downloaded for free from the Huawei AppGallery.

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