Elon Musk became, for the first time, the richest person on the planet this Thursday, with a fortune valued at more than $ 195 billion. Tesla and SpaceX’s CEO overtook Amazon leader Jeff Bezos after an electric stock company’s stock market hike.

The data are from Bloomberg Billionaires Index, on a day when Tesla shares rose 8% to $ 878. Meanwhile, and as we have been accustomed to, the tycoon reacted to the news ironically on Twitter, saying, “how strange” and that he would resume work.

Jeff Bezos, considered the richest man of 2020 recently, ranks second, with a fortune of about $ 185 billion. It should be noted, however, that on Friday morning, the difference in values ​​between the two businessmen became greater, since Elon Musk’s fortune is now valued at $ 195 billion. Bill Gates is third in the table.

Bloomberg Billionaires Index

Values ​​of January 8, 2021 around 10am

“data-title =” Bloomberg Billionaires Index – Elon Musk is already the richest man in the world. His fortune reached $ 195 billion – SAPO Tek “>   Bloomberg Billionaires Index

Values ​​of January 8, 2021 around 10am

In November, Elon Musk overtook Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, becoming the second richest in the world, at the time with a net worth of $ 128 billion. This achievement comes after a great year for the businessman, one of the milestones being the historical mission of SpaceX and NASA, in sending astronauts from American soil, paving the way for commercial travel.

Click on the images that show part of the historical mission of SpaceX and NASA

Recently, SpaceX’s CEO revealed that he tried to sell Tesla to Apple for “one-tenth of the current price” after the tech giant’s plan to launch an electric car in 2024.

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