Gradually, Telegram has been gaining supporters. This platform stands out for offering the best security mechanisms and in terms of operation it is similar to the other platforms. In 2020 we bet a little more on Telegram and created 10 articles with tips on this communication platform.

Remember the tips that were posted to Telegram.

Drop WhatsApp!  Learn to use Telegram: 10 tips

# 1 - Getting started with Telegram

To start using Telegram the first thing you have to do is install the app and create an account on the platform. Like WhatsApp, you just need to provide your phone number. Then you must enter the code received to activate the account. Find out everything here.

# 2 - How to use “bonecada” in Telegram? What's available?

There are those who consider that in terms of “bonecada” Telegram is more limited than WhatsApp. It could even be an advantage over the Facebook platform. However, Telegram has several funny stickers and you can even add more. Find out everything here.

# 3 - How to use Telegram via Web?

Like other platforms, Telegram can also be used via the Web. To do this, just open the site and enter your mobile phone number (associated with your account). On the phone they will receive a code so that they can use this communications platform in a simple browser. Find out everything here.

# 4 - How to create secret chats on Telegram?

For those who like total privacy Telegram offers a set of very interesting features. All security mechanisms are available in a feature called “Secret Chat”. If you need to have a chat that guarantees maximum communication security, then learn how to use this feature. Find out more here.

# 5 - How to activate security on Telegram?

To activate security on Telegram you can set an access password or use Face ID to access Telegram. In this way, we keep the entire app safe but we also protect our conversations. To activate Telegram security, go to Privacy and Security and then activate the option Password & Face ID (on Android it should be similar). Find out more here.

# 6 - Changing the appearance of Telegram is easy

Like the competition, Telegram can also be easily customized. We can change the style of the interface, changing the wallpaper, the text size and even rounding the corners of the message box. It is also possible to change the app icon and even disable animations in the message balloons and chat list. Find out more here.

# 7 - How to create a channel on Telegram?

Creating a channel on Telegram is very simple. To do this, just go to Chats and press the button to start a new one. In the options presented you must choose New Channel. Then what is a channel is indicated. Moving forward should indicate the Channel name and a Brief Description. Find out more here.

# 8 - How to delete data on Telegram?

Sometimes our smartphones start to lack space. This is because applications such as WhatsApp and even Telegram “fatten up” because of the content they send us. Like other chat tools, it is possible to delete conversations that normally also have videos, images and other content. Find out more here.

# 9 -Find out who's around Telegram…

Telegram has a very interesting feature that allows you to discover people who are “close by”. Placing our profile as visible, Telegram shows us which contacts are nearby (even if they are not our contacts), as well as discovering local groups. Find out more here.

# 10 - Filters for images on Telegram

How many times do we have to retouch our images before sending them to anyone? We usually use dedicated apps for this, but with Telegram it is not necessary. Through the app itself it is possible to apply the most diverse types of filters, add text and indicate a caption. Find out more here.

And these were the tips presented in 2020! This platform continues to grow significantly, and will certainly be the first option for many. If you have other suggestions you can leave them in the comments of this post. In the coming days we will leave some more tips. Watch out!

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