Drone technology has evolved into precision control and automation systems that guarantee choreographies coordinated millimeter between hundreds and even thousands of drones simultaneously. There are already shows performed at night, in which the lights of the small equipment create animated sequences to fill the eye. And when fireworks are increasingly dangerous due to fires, this technological solution can be very effective, or quite differentiating.

An example of this are the various shows around the world, sponsored normally by brands that take the opportunity to promote themselves in the face of the curiosity of spectators. The American store chain, Walmart, for example, has been touring the United States, in a partnership with Intel, of the show Walmart Holiday Drone Light Show. This “magical” experience launched 1,000 Intel drones into the skies to create three-dimensional images, from deer to snowmen and Christmas gifts, fully choreographed with Christmas music.

And Intel already has a division dedicated to lighting shows with drones, with services to liven up Christmas or New Year’s Eve anywhere in the world. The services start at $ 99,000 for shows with 200 drones, up to $ 299,000 with 500 devices.

The manufacturer even broke the record for the largest choreography with luminous drones during its 50th anniversary, putting 2,018 pieces of equipment in the air, in a show with lots of light and color.

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