Android has all the basic tools that users need for their use. Without resorting to any extra app, it is possible to use a smartphone, albeit in a basic way by current standards.

Something that is not always present is a file manager. Google and some manufacturers understand that it is not necessary, which can limit users in their tasks. Interestingly there is an alternative solution, without installing anything and coming directly from the creator of Android.

Android file manager Chrome smartphone

Don't have a file manager on your smartphone?

Although not an essential app, many users use a file manager on Android. This allows access to the folders and files that are on this system, allowing to create, move or delete those that are identified.

With many proposals in the Play Store, it is simple to find a proposal that satisfies users. The truth is it's already a gift, in a place that few expected. We talk about Chrome, which comes with any Android smartphone.

Use Chrome for more than the Internet

To be able to browse the Android file system you only need to access the address Chrome: file: /// sdcard. Access directly to the root of the system's file system, being able to freely browse the different folders present.

To open any file present, you just need to navigate to its location. When they touch the file, it will be opened, either by the browser, or by the app associated with its use. It will always depend on Chrome support and what Android has in mind.

Any Android browser can be used

If there are other browsers present on the system, they do not need to use Chrome. Most will have similar support and will be able to browse the file system. Unfortunately, the file management available here is minimal.

There is also the possibility to use this feature on desktop systems, but in this case there is always a file manager present. In the case of smartphones it is an excellent help for those who want to quickly browse Android and their folders.

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