The Chinese government today classified as “a farce” the accusation of the American President, Donald Trump, that the Asian country could be responsible for a great cyber attack against the United States, advances the Lusa.

Trump downplayed the large-scale cyber attack against various government agencies and singled out China as a possible perpetrator, contradicting Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who had previously held Russia accountable.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin did not formally deny the thesis of Beijing’s involvement, but said the US accusations were not serious.

“The American accusations against China have always been a farce and have ulterior political intentions,” he said at a press conference.

“When it comes to cybersecurity, the behavior of the United States is not good and if there is one country in the wrong position to criticize others, it is the United States,” he said.

The extent of the cyber attack continues to increase as more victims are discovered, including outside the United States.

The attack began in March, with pirates benefiting from an update to a monitoring program, carried out by an American company, SolarWinds, and which is used by tens of thousands of companies and governments around the world.

The attack lasted for months, before being discovered by the computer security group FireEye, who was also a victim.

Trump’s statements contradict Pompeo, who hours earlier had accused Russia of organizing the attack.

“I think it is true that we can now clearly say that it was the Russians who were involved in this event,” Mike Pompeo said Friday night in an interview with a conservative radio program “The Mark Levin Show”.

Russia had previously denied being involved. A spokesman for the Russian executive denied the news carried by the US press, which pointed to the Putin government of a series of computer attacks on top US government agencies in areas such as trade, defense or the treasure. In the statement, the official added that Vladimir Putin proposed to the United States a cooperation agreement in the areas of cybersecurity and information security, which would allow to join efforts against cybercrime and cyber espionage. “The United States did not accept Putin’s invitation,” he stressed.

The cyber attack, which allegedly started in March, used updates to this software to hack into the systems of several United States government agencies, including the departments of the Treasury, the State, Commerce and Homeland Security. Microsoft, too, was a victim of cyber attacks on the United States. The technology giant says it has detected malicious software on its network, but has already isolated and removed it.

The perpetrators of the cyber attack would also have tried to steal secrets from the Pentagon and the US nuclear program in Los Alamos, the facility where the first atomic bomb was created.

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