The US capital has been on fire. The images of the demonstrations and the occupation of the Capitol ran the world and showed a reality that is far from what is known and that would even be expected.

In the aftermath of all the actions that have been taken, the two main social networks on the Internet have taken a strong stance. Donald Trump’s Twitter and Facebook accounts have been suspended, thanks to publications by the still U.S. President.

Donald Trump Twitter Facebook USA accounts

During the protests and violent occupation of the Capitol in Washington, several publications were made by Donald Trump. The President of the USA was expected to try to appease the crowd that was occupying this symbol of American Democracy. As this did not happen, measures were taken.

A unique Twitter position against Donald Trump

In the case of Twitter, Donald Trump's account has been blocked for 12 hours and will only be active again if 3 posts are removed. These are, according to Twitter, violations of social network policies and as such should be eliminated.

Twitter also warned that these violations to continue in the future, Donald Trump's account could be permanently blocked. This is an abnormal situation and represents a strong position for the company.

Facebook blocks US President's account

Facebook also took a similar position, but it proved to be stronger and more severe. Donald Trump's account has been blocked for 24 hours and during that time it will not be possible to post any information on that channel.

This take on Facebook's position follows one that it had taken before, in a “special situation”. The video published by Donald Trump in which he (allegedly) asked the protesters to return to their homes, while insisting that the elections had been fraudulent.

The position of these social networks is an important step in a process that has been going on for months. Videos and statements by Donald Trump that called for violence and propagated an idea that the US elections had been fraudulent had been held before.

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