WinAmp was one of the most popular tools from the early days of the Internet during the 1990s and early 2000s, when the MP3 format started to become popular. It was the digital alternative to music CDs, which many are beginning to convert to listen to on computers. A time away from streaming music services, YouTube or even digital players like the iPod.

The reader has become quite popular for different reasons. The ability to convert the format, the reader itself, which supported various codecs and file types. And then of course, the skins that the community was dedicated to doing not only at the aesthetic level, but also in the arrangement of the features. WinAmp even made it possible to broadcast music online to friends, awakening the “bug” of the radio among users.

O WinAmp Skin Museun website allows you to see all the skins available to the reader, and if you want, you can download them. The site has an infinite scroll system, so even if you try to run everything, the collection contains something like 65,000 skins for WinAmp.

The interesting thing is that by clicking on each skin, in addition to the possibility to download it, you can try it directly, loading songs. You can tinker with the equalizer or test with the songs pre-loaded in the players. Especially worth it for the nostalgic trip …

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