Spyro the Dragon has been one of the most well-known characters in video games since the early days of PlayStation, but the likeable dragon has taken on a new life in the Skylanders universe, a series of games that involved physical collectible figures that interacted with the game itself. Unfortunately the fever has passed, but the series’ legacy has taken on a new life on smartphones.

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes is a turn-based RPG, which presents us with several well-known characters from the series, as well as enemies to face. The game was relaunched in December, with some new mechanics, although forcing fans to start their progress again.

The player takes on the role of the Portal Master, the one who can use the Skylanders, placing them in the world. Collecting stands out for finding and improving creatures during combat. All Skylanders are divided into 10 different elements, from fire, water, grass, electricity and others, with their own abilities.

Whenever the characters evolve, they improve their stats and gain new skills. The combat system requires some reading of the elements of the enemies so that you can use the characters taking into account their strengths and weaknesses. If you want, you can choose to capture enemies and use them in subsequent clashes.

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes can be played in free versions iOS and Android.

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