With the time change to winter time, there are some measures that can help us save on the consumption of light and energy, especially in this period that is colder.

Hisense, a leading brand in televisions and home appliances, as well as a sponsor of UEFA EURO 2020, presents some of the main measures to save on the consumption of light and energy.

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The company has been investing, year after year, in the development of cutting-edge technology to contribute to a more sustainable consumption in the homes of its customers. In this sense, it presents some measures that users can implement to optimize the use of home appliances and reduce energy consumption during these colder months.

Choosing energy efficient products

When choosing appliances, it is essential to pay attention to the energy label of the products before purchasing them. The option should fall on Class A products, that is, maximum efficiency, and the more + they have the greater the energy savings they offer. In any case, as of March 1, 2021, we must take into account the entry into force of the new energy label, since the intention is to eliminate the higher energy classes, such as, for example, A +++, and start using letters from A to G to designate the energy efficiency of each product.

For example, Hisense class A +++ refrigerators consume up to 47% less energy compared to a class A + product. Thanks to functions like Super Freeze from models like the RB438N4EW3 A +++, we can freeze faster, which makes it easier to save energy without losing vitamins and nutrients in food for much longer. Its Inverter technology helps to save energy and, consequently, costs, as it measures the conditions inside the refrigerator and manages its operation. It also ensures a more stable interior temperature to extend the life of the appliance.

On the other hand, Hisense's new washing machine models, such as the WFGA90141VM A +++ Or the WFGA80141VM A +++, have a high power Inverter motor that allows greater efficiency. It is designed to offer a longer life, lower noise level and better washing results. With class A +++ energy efficiency, it saves on electricity consumption and contributes to a more sustainable world.

Consumption thinking about your home

In order to obtain a lower consumption, it is essential to choose a light tariff adapted to our needs and also to choose appliances that conform to our daily lives.

For this reason, it is better to consult with specialists. It is also important to know the areas of the house that we want to acclimatize or the number of people who live in the room when we go to cook. There are infinite options, so it is important to take into account not only the immediate expense but also the needs of each one when choosing the most appropriate product.

Optimize the warmth of your home

One of the biggest consumption errors is to use the air conditioning systems without confirming if there is a door or window not properly closed. By avoiding this type of situation it is possible to conserve heat and the engine of our heat pump does not have to be in constant operation.

It is important to bear in mind that a temperature difference of more than 12 degrees between the street and the interior of the dwelling is not healthy. For this reason, Hisense recommends regulating the heating at around 24º C and taking advantage of the heat and sunlight during the early hours of the morning.

Hisense's new air conditioning systems have the I Feel function that detects the ambient temperature and transmits the information to the indoor unit. In this way, it guarantees a more comfortable environment and a more precise temperature control in the place where the user is, thus causing significant energy savings.

Avoid 'phantom consumption' of your appliances

The term phantom consumption refers to all the energy that is lost when we are not using our appliances. That is, those who are connected all the time.

Thus, Hisense recommends connecting several devices (microwave, oven, washing machine, extractor hood ...) to a socket with a switch so that all equipment can be turned off when not in use. With the exception of refrigerators and freezers, appliances can be turned off to prevent loss of energy when not in use. The goal is to prevent the appliances from wearing out and eliminate this type of energy consumption that we do not take advantage of.

Hisense bets on responsible technology with the environment

With the cold, there is also the increase in the use of heat pumps, the hours in front of the television during the weekend and the high consumption of household appliances such as the oven or the dryer. According to the Institute for Diversification and Energy Savings, these colder months lead to an increase of about 5% in energy consumption.

Hisense has, for some years now, been committed to energy efficiency in order to contribute to a better world and therefore assumes a corporate responsibility policy towards the environment. The multinational invests 5% of its annual turnover in the 12 R&D centers, where it investigates how to obtain more sustainable electronic and household products.

In its production centers, Hisense has implemented recycling systems to increase its profitability while protecting the environment. These spaces inside the factories are designed to recycle cardboard, plastic, polystyrene, foam and other non-degradable contaminating materials.

On the other hand, it offers users products that contribute to reduce their impact on the Planet and to optimize energy, such as appliances with A +++ energy efficiency certificate. They also incorporate the latest advances in home automation, which help smarter and more customizable consumption, in addition to saving electricity and water and reducing the impact on the carbon footprint.

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