With the confinement measures imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, some people take advantage of the extra time spent at home to dedicate themselves to activities they had never tried before or to the development of new skills. However, for many, dealing with the anxiety or anguish brought about by the public health crisis is not easy and social networks, series on streaming platforms and even TV become real escapes from real life.

Do you feel that your mind ends up getting even more tired than usual after spending hours scrolling on your smartphone or with your eyes “glued” to the screen to follow episode after episode of a series? It’s time for try the Escapista. The platform wants to help you relax and take your mind around the world, all in the comfort of your home.

The website, whose idea came from the collaboration with the / r / SlowTV community on Reddit, has a vast collection of YouTube videos handpicked by its curators. At Escapista there are no pause or “jump” buttons for the next video on the list since the objective is that your experience is “at the speed of life”.

When entering the platform, you can, for example, accompany a walk through the forest or the historic area of ​​a city, a bike ride along a promenade by the sea, a train journey or even observe a river and the nature that surrounds it. Just choose one of the channels and let the playlist run, either as a background while working or as a basis for a meditation session.

All views through the platform revert to the original YouTube channels where the chosen videos belong. The project’s creators are working to bring more features to the website, as well as more videos, so users are encouraged to share their feedback and make suggestions for content they would like to see.

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