The Pandemic may have entered a new stage. Vaccines are already on the ground and in Portugal today it was announced that the first batch of 9,750 vaccines has arrived. So the question that many people ask is when they can be vaccinated. According to what has been made known, these first doses are intended for some health professionals. However, if you wish, you can also be vaccinated and to provide this information the Government has already launched a portal.

To find out when it is your turn, you can fill out the form leaving some data such as the year of birth, profession and clinical pathologies.

When will I be vaccinated?

The 9,750 doses arrived this morning in the Coimbra area, from where they will leave this afternoon to be distributed to the various hospitals, to start vaccination on Sunday. These first doses are intended for health professionals at university hospital centers in Porto, São João, Coimbra, Lisbon North and Lisbon Central.

The Government has launched a simulator on the internet that allows you to answer the following question: when can I be vaccinated?

Image Vaccine information portal

The information that is revealed on the portal is purely indicative. There may be differences from the result of this simulator. As mentioned in the portal, it is not possible to request the appointment of your vaccine for COVID-19, but you will be contacted by the National Health Service for that purpose.

In fact, today an SMS was sent with the following information:

COVID19: Vaccination starts tomorrow. Vaccine optional but recommended and free. Wait for contact from the SNS. Info:

As has been widely reported, vaccination is voluntary, free, will be distributed in stages and according to a priority scale.

In parallel, the Government launched on Saturday a new page dedicated to the vaccination process against COVID-19. This space aims to clarify the citizens about all the details related to the vaccination process, which starts this Sunday, December 27th.

As Minister Marta Temido said, next Monday another 70,200 doses of Pfizer vaccine will be delivered. Some of them will be delivered directly to the autonomous regions of Madeira and the Azores.

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