Apps are an essential element of Android and many other mobile operating systems. They bring new features and take much more from smartphones, reinventing them and giving them features that until then were not present.

Of course, given their importance, it is important to have them updated and in the latest versions. If it is normal to use the Google store app for Android, why not use a touch directly and have direct access to this area? Let’s see how to do it.

Android apps update touch screen

Updates? Just a touch to know

The Play Store concentrates all the options and settings that the user needs for the apps. This is where you will find the news and also the updates that appear for the apps that we have installed and use every day.

Of course, the Play Store is not a place we visit every day and so we don't always know if there are updates. Of course, Google offers on Android a simple way to make this query, using a functionality that most do not use.

Press continuously on the screen for the menu

We talk about the hidden menu that each app has when they click on its icon. If the majority has only the option to remove, in the case of the Play Store we have access to a wider menu. Here we can take advantage of one of the options and thus access “my apps”.

This simple shortcut gives you direct access to Android apps that need to be updated and that have this new version available. At first, Android will query Google's servers and thus identify those that are present.

The list of apps is immediately present

It remains, at the end, to indicate which apps they want to update. They can choose one by one or tell Android that they want all of them to be treated. However, they can continue to use the smartphone for other tasks.

This is a solution for quick access to the area where the Play Store app handles updates. Quickly and with a simple touch they can take care of everything and know what is on the smartphone.

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