Operator NOS was the first to provide eSim in Portugal. In addition, recently the operator also started to allow the mobile phone number to become available on smartwatches.

For everything to work, the operator provides the Smart Number service! Find out what it is and how it works.

NOS: Do you already know the new Smart Number?  Find out how it works

NOS is the first operator in Portugal to develop a solution that allows smartwatches to have an associated number.

In addition to calls, with the smartwatch permanently connected it is also possible to receive notifications, view messages, listen to music in streaming or use maps and navigation functions quickly and intuitively, without the need to have the smartphone nearby, giving greater freedom users, for example, for walks or to exercise outside.

What is NOS 'Smart Number service?

The Smart Number service allows the customer to use their mobile phone number (and respective data and minutes limit) on a smartwatch with mobile connectivity. This way, you can make calls, listen to music in streaming and browse apps on your watch without having your smartphone nearby.

To subscribe to the service, 3 conditions must be met:

  • 1) have a compatible Smartwatch with mobile connectivity;
  • 2) have a NOS mobile tariff, in invoice;
  • 3) have a smartphone compatible with the service. If you satisfy these conditions, access the watch's APP on your smartphone and start the service activation.

NOS: Do you already know the new Smart Number?  Find out how it works

Currently only Smartwatches with mobile connectivity from Apple (Apple Watch Cellular Series 3 or later) and Samsung (Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 LTE) are supported for this service. This service allows the activation of the service on a maximum of three smartwatches simultaneously.

Smart Number

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